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Book is introductory course into true principles of reality. It's foundation of new science in which future meets with its past. It's rediscovery of old prophetic science in times of change.

End of time in 2012 as predicted by Mayan calendar is not just theoretical possibility but an absolute certainty that requires understanding and preparation for event. It's not negotiable, because space/time is ONE reality - fractal supersymmetry of double helix.

"Prophet's manual" is revelation of hall of records, when gates of universe open to reveal its hidden (non-local) content on winter solstice 2012. Times of change are closure of one and beginning of another sar cycle (as in Sumerian sar period, which is 18-fold fractal repetition that constitutes one quantum, i.e. 18x360=6480 years, where 18=3/2x12 or quantum boundary of fractal ¾, which is end of time, because time is overlap between rotation/orbital motion. Sar cycle is 90º of 2x3600 or 7200/1.111=6480 in spatial context and/or 14.4x360=5184 or 72º of 7200 in time context).
Quantum change is return of Zep Tepi, when time is not fractal passage but whole quantum (space). It's time when spiritual and physical aspects (two equal opposites) of ONE reality meet in order to create future sequence.

"Prophet's manual" is affirmation that present period is continuation of endless number of previous periods in which civilizations flourished and perished. Quantum change is boundary between two physical possibilities of ONE spiritual reality or two spatial possibilities of time. It's end of one and beginning of another physical cycle and its civilization. This civilization is one out of many - it's neither first nor last and it expires with winter sun 2012, when sky will fall yet again and new Earth and haven will be created from the old.

Science is art of prediction and prophetic science has infinitely larger power of prediction than limited and subjective interpretations of reality. Fractal theories are limited by fractal passage of time -their power of prediction is limited to only one cycle of time, while prophetic science is unbound by either space or time. "Prophet's manual" is fundamental introduction in its principles. It heralds end of present limited science, which excludes spiritual origins of physical reality, and beginning of new science based on old premises, which does not differentiate between physical and spiritual aspects of ONE reality. It's change from superficial materialistic to in-depth spiritual approach. Revelation of prophetic science precedes revelation of spiritual origins of physical reality in 2012, offering an opportunity for instant evolutionary leap instead of instant demise.

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