Prophecy is outcome of an advanced science. Mayan end date 2012 as well as ALL ancient prophecies are derivates of space/time fractality. They are definition of fractal time cycles and its quantum beginnings/ends.

Fractal definition is description of ONE reality, which is infinite number of relatively different fractal forms, all of which are its perfect replica and that precedence of one over another is an illusion limited by its passage of time and/or its size, because space and time are two equal fractal opposites. Fractality is one interpretation in which all scientific, spiritual and philosophical aspects of reality merge into ONE. Fractality is prophetic science that incorporates all of them. It recognizes unity between physical and spiritual as two equal opposites, where one is real only in context of another. Prophecy has always two aspects - one is renewal of physical reality through destruction of old one, which goes hand in hand with parallel spiritual renewal through abandonment of old values and forms. All prophecies are description of phoenix bird that rises from its own ashes.

Differentiation of one whole into infinity of different fractal aspects adds to complexity of picture in which forest is invisible by multitude of trees. Science is one out of many fractal aspects of reality, all equally real. Division into physical and non-physical is followed by division in multitude of different fractal phenomena of space, time, mass, energy, gravity, size, motion, density etc. Science is an attempt to unify complexity into one abstraction that would accurately predict all physical phenomena. It's unconscious recognition that abstraction is infinitely larger reality than all of its fractal (physical) reflections. Science is art of prediction. Limitation to only one subjective interpretation that precedes all the others is its limitation and ultimate self-defeat. Art cannot be limited, because any comparison is relative and has only subjective value.

There is no science that does not recognize limitation of its own subjectivity and thus surmounts them. That's why repentance is salvation. It requires acknowledgment of its own limitation in order to overcome them. Duality of action/reaction is meaningless without its frame of reference. The only cause of both equal opposites is their inertion (overlap or discrepancy) in between. Inertion is limitation or boundary -it's frame of reference of both action and reaction. Only triangulation is definition of 3D - duality is its temporary (double/inverse) distortion. Ultimate inertion of all fractal sequences is here and now -it's singular point within of infinite reality without (universe) and/or vice versa in opposite direction (micro-world).

Without point of observation, which is inertial context of any fractal duality of space/time, it is infinite subjectivity or infinite distortion of reality. Science that does not account for its inertion is limited by its subjectivity. Science that recognizes its limits is not bound by its subjectivity. The only objective definition is one that recognizes its own subjectivity. That's why accepting fruit from tree of knowledge, which is imposition of one subjective interpretation over only reality there is, is original sin and potential cause of self-destruction. It's rejection of one's own reality and ultimate self-defeat.

Science bound by subjectivity is only partial abstraction with limited power of prediction. Science that is aware of its subjectivity (inertion) is complete abstraction with unlimited capacity of prediction. Prophecies are predictions of science unbound by its subjectivity. Prophecies are natural outcome of fractal interpretation of reality, which is its total abstraction. Abstraction is negation of differentiation. Differentiation into space/time, mass/energy, forces etc. is only partial abstraction. In context of fractality - all different forms are perfect replica of ONE reality. It's irrelevant which of fractal reflections is regarded as ONE, because they are all the same.

Each of partial theories understood in context of own subjectivity is complete definition of reality and each fractal part is complete reality. Fractality is perfect abstraction - it's mathematics of physical reality. Essence of fractality is mathematics or pure abstraction. Its consequence as perfect double/inverse causal curvature is that there is no coincidence. Coincidence is fallacy of superficial approach and attempt to disguise ignorance and unwillingness to find true nature of reality. Coincidence is reality beyond fractal boundaries of particular subjective interpretation.

Coincidence is lack of understanding. There is no room for coincidence, because it's perfect double/inverse causal curvature. Fractality is abstraction of physical reality in which each number and each sequence of numbers describes particular aspect of reality. Smaller numerical sequence is larger abstraction, while larger sequence is its larger fractalization. Numerical abstraction is language of universe understood in past but forgotten today, because of superficial approach in which they are explained as random or coincidental sequences. Numerical abstraction is fractality, which is prophetic science. Prophecy is simple deduction of fractal interpretation and numerical abstraction. Abstraction is not irrelevant -it's ultimate source of physical reality because it is reflection of infinitely larger reality. Only comprehension of numerical abstraction as universal language is an opportunity to participate in its reality.

Dualistic approach is its negation and self-imposed exclusion limited to Earth in context of 5184 years of passage of time. Quantum event 2012, with help of "Prophet's manual" offers an opportunity to overcome such in-built inertion, which is an instant leap in evolution that not only ensures existence beyond, but its infinite improvement in which neither time nor space is limitation of life here and now. Surmounting one's own inertion (subjectivity) is expansion of reality beyond its limited spatial and time boundaries. Fractal passage of time is struggle of one against another. Quantum end of time is struggle of all struggles, which is final struggle against one own self.

There is only one stumbling block preventing clear vision and comprehension - dualistic and exclusive thinking in which one fractal reflection is given precedence over all others (equal and opposite), which is distorted perspective of superficial physical reality as ultimate. Repentance is its rejection and acceptance of infinite wisdom, which lifts all ambiguities presented by coincidental explanations. Seeking to superimpose own subjective interpretation over ONE reality that is equal reality of all its fractal parts is seeking mortality, just as Adam did, over immortality. It's seeking to impose subjective will that personal illusion precedes one's own reality.

Succeeding in imposition of own subjective interpretation means self-limitation within own subjectivity. It is limitation of one's own reality to fractal passage of time in which such possibility is real. It is limited reality that has beginning and end in time. To succeed in struggle against own reality is to lose and to lose is to win. Acceptance of ONE reality of all its fractal parts, which precedes all subjective interpretations, is surmounting subjective self-limitations. It's overcoming boundaries of passage of time that limit subjective reality. It's overcoming own mortality. Subjective interpretation is limited by its time, while objective interpretation that recognizes its own subjectivity is unlimited either by space or time.

It's purpose of "Prophet's manual" to present such definition not only as possibility but as only interpretation that has no equal opposite in context of physical reality. Only requirement is an effort in surmounting inertion of habitual dualistic and exclusive thinking in favor of inclusive triangulation. A success is conquest of self-imposed mortality and acceptance of continuation beyond winter solstice 2012, which is expiry date of all subjective interpretations, because it's end of fractal passage of time, when time is not passage (fractal) but instant space (quantum). All complexities of fractal reality fall away with only one change - acceptance of triangulation instead of superficial duality as ultimate reality. Only from perspective of fractality it is clear why every time many are invited but only few are chosen. It's because many win and only few lose in seeking to impose subjective will against only will there is and which is will of each fractal part. Many are winners and few are losers in struggle against oneself. "Prophet's manual" is help for all those seeking to find one's true immortal reality by bringing spiritual (intuitive) truth on surface of conscious thinking. It is spiritual truth defined on materialistic principles. It's unification between spiritual and physical truth, just as is unification of all fractal physical theories into one definition, which transcends them all, not by opposing them but by accepting them as different but equal interpretations of ONE reality.

It's a manual that guides into reality that was, is and will be beyond boundaries of quantum change in 2012.

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